Endeavor Engineering Solutions (EES) are professional project delivery and project management professionals, we deliver an unrivalled range of services to all clients, both locally and internationally.

We are passionate about our customers and the work we do for them. Therefore, we pride ourselves in consistently delivering excellence, no matter how complex the project

Our project professionals have extensive experience and a wide range of skills and have delivered projects across various industries such as automotive, electronics, medical, retail stock warehousing and logistics. We work with suppliers either chosen by our customers or with trusted partners.

Endeavor Engineering (EES) has managed a broad spectrum of projects from initial concept through to plant start-up. We pride ourselves on having the experience and skill sets along with a highly flexible structure that will respond in an effective way to the project dynamics.

With considerable experience and use of systems and techniques that are constantly being enhanced and updated EES can assist you in executing key project management functions.

EES will execute the important front-end tasks required to put the project management functions in operation. These tasks include:

EES has a track record for bringing in projects on schedule within budget and meeting quality, social and environmental objectives.


The EEL project management services team will ensure that your project runs smoothly, successfully, and efficiently from conception to commission.


Many years of carrying out large industrial projects have driven us to ensure we can provide a comprehensive range of specialised Project Management Services to meet growing demand. The services Include:

We will tailor our cost for services especially for you, structured around your individual project requirements and budget restraints. So, if you have a specific need that isn’t covered here please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements

The EES project management team of people cover all aspects of your project requirements and we individually tailor our services to meet the requirements of our client’s:


Whether you are considering a project plan, or just discussing the concepts, be sure to contact our experienced project team first to help get you on the right track to efficiency, effectiveness, and success.


Farrel Intermix body replacement
Twin Screw Extrusion Line (filling, weighing, mixing, compounding, extrusion, pelletising, drying and packing)
Vehicle Conveyors
People Conveyors
Electrified Monorail systems
Automatic Guided vehicle
Pallet Lift conveyor refurbishment


Automation Integration, Specialist in control system integration, modification & programming.

SafeMach are experts in machinery safety and provide a full range of machinery safety services to machinery manufacturers (OEM’s) and end users, ensuring you meet the requirements of the relevant machinery safety Directives, Regulations & Standards.

Alpha Install are an experienced equipment installation and machine manufacturing company. They have worked across multiple industry sectors and completed projects for an impressive list of multinational companies.

CIEM is a company with over forty years of experience in automated material handling and logistics industry. We manufacture machinery and plants for the production of light and heavy vehicles and for the transportation and storage of objects and goods. We are the largest supplier to international car manufacturers.

Lödige Industries is a leading supplier of logistics systems and machinery worldwide. We stand for quality, innovation and partnership.

An Industry leader in the design supply and installation of innovative handling systems, FATA consistently achieve the high-quality standards required to work with diverse global brands such as Nissan, Jaguar, Land Rover, Worcestershire Bosch and Morgan.

Intralogistics, plant construction and conveyor technology, we offer you individual solutions for different industries. As a recognised expert in specialist mechanical engineering, we develop and produce innovative and customized solutions for material transport and intralogistics. We provide project planning, construction, controls engineering, visualization as well as installation, commissioning for all projects.

Bär Automation is a family-owned business that is now in its 2nd generation. Founded in 1972 as a “small mechanical engineering firm”, we have grown over the past five decades through consistent innovation management, skill and flexibility into one of the leading specialists for the planning, construction and manufacture of customized automation solutions. The portfolio includes assembly technology – flexibilization of assembly processes, robot aided assembly handlings and automated guided vehicle systems.

CCS Technology provide specialist control system design, software and manufacture for industrial machinery. They have built a strong, qualified and professional engineering team of electrical and software engineers focusing on control systems for industrial applications.

Vikaso are experts in the design, development and integration of specialist robotics, Cobots and AI vision systems.


Machinery Failure Modes and Effects

What is an

Murphy’s Law states, “Everything that can fail will fail”.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), or the analysis of the effects of a POTENTIAL failure, is a disciplined method (using a skilled team) of analysing potential failures of processes at an appropriate level, be it, component, sub system or system level. This is achieved by directing the team through clear sequential steps which consider the sequencing of the process. The ways in which it can potentially fail, the effects of the failure, the causes of failure, the ability to both detect and avoid these causes and what subsequent actions to take.

FMEA is not new; it was certainly used by the aerospace industries in the late 1950’s. The early launch teams at Cape Canaveral made it clear that they could not afford failures. Therefore, at each stage they asked themselves what could go wrong – and what can be done now to prevent it. It was adopted by the motor industry in the late 1970’s.

Why do

The efficiency of an assembly line depends on how reliable the tooling and equipment was designed and built. Assume you have an assembly line with 10 machines. Each machine can function at a 90% uptime rate. Each machine may fail at random times, or mutually exclusive from one another. The resulting reliability of the line with 10 machines at 0.9 (90%) reliability each is 35%. This means that some portion of the assembly line could be down 65% of the time. Expand this principle to complex assembly operations where many more than 10 individual machines are needed to produce products. The reliability of the line would be much worse. A critical piece of equipment would fail nearly every day. As you can see, this is no way to run a profitable business.

Machinery Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (MFMEA) will help identify weaknesses in the reliability of the critical equipment and tooling during machinery, equipment or tooling design. Improving the reliability of the components of the machine has the net effect of higher reliability. When reliability cannot be improved further, the ability to replace worn parts in an expedited way is considered. An attempt to anticipate failure and add design features which measure the amount of wear or predict when maintenance will be necessary is also beneficial. All of these items and more are addressed and discovered in a Machinery FMEA.

Endeavor Engineering offer tailored training as detailed below. If you would like to discuss further or have any questions about how we can support your business please contact us


The MFMEA Training Course covers the following topics: –

Additional Modules / Options

We will guide the delegates through the planning, implementation and review phases of the MFMEA program.
Elements of the course content require the delegates to participate in interactive sessions.
Course cost cover training sessions and comprehensive set of course notes. Cost on Request.
This is a non-residential training course. This course should be delivered in-house.


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